Jesse’s Legacy, words from last year’s recipient.

We asked Jacob Hite, the recipient of the first ever Jesse Knowles Memorial scholarship what receiving the scholarship mean to him.  Jacob’s response is below.

Jacob Hite, Members of Jesse Knowles Family and members of the Palmyra Fire service

“The Jesse Knowles Scholarship, isn’t just something I applied for to get the extra money. I did it because of my own personal relationship with him. This scholarship means more to me than anything else I have earned because in a way I feel like Jesse blessed me from above, and it is my duty to not let him down. To be the first ever recipient means the world to me and it is hard to really put into words how much of a blessing it truly is. Having this scholarship reminds me each day, but especially on my toughest days, that it could ALWAYS be worse and to ALWAYS just keep truckin’.   ”

We’re proud of Jacob and his progress and we’re incredibly proud to have the opportunity to offer ‘The Firefighter Jesse Knowles Memorial Scholarship’ to another deserving student athlete in 2018.

Join us April 28 to celebrate Jesse’s life and raise funds for the Jesse Knowles fund by participating in the Firefighter Jesse Knowles 5k, the Firefighter Jesse Knowles car show or bidding on items in our silent auction.


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